Stonepine II                                                      

Stonepine II is a townhome association comprised of ninety six, one and two story townhomes on Hunter Hill Road in Hudson, Wisconsin.  Addresses range from 1400 - 1727, and 1800 - 1914.  Nestled among pine trees and beautiful landscaping, our residences each include an individual garage and have landscape/snow removal contracts. Owners' are also part of an Overall Association which maintains mailboxes, entrances, tennis courts, playground, picnic areas and the walking path between Grandview Dr. and Wisconsin St. These are considered common areas. You will be assessed an annual fee by the Overall Association. More information is available at www.stonepineassociations.org.

Our association has a five member board comprised of a president, vice president, treasure, secretary and a member-at-large. Members are elected to open positions on the board at the annual meeting in June.  Each position has a three year term.

Accounting and maintenance services are managed by:
Telus Property Services + Soultions
84 St. Croix Trail South
Lakeland, MN. 55043

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