Planned Projects - Updated 8-22-23

Shingle Replacement - October/2022 - COMPLETED

Galvin Home Renovations will replace all townhome shingles, due to damage from the May/2022 hailstorm.

SP II HOA Website Redesign – January/2023 - COMPLETED

Collateral Property Management, in conjunction with the Board, will complete the redesign of our SP II website.

Driveway Replacement – May/2023 - COMPLETED

Monarch Paving Company will tear out and repave the driveway for Unit 1602-1622.  Over the next few years, the final eight driveways will be replaced.

Driveway Repair and Seal Coating - August/2023 - COMPLETED

"Back to Black" will fill cracks and seal coat the following newly paved driveways: 1618-1706, 1702-1720, 1826-1906, and 1908-1914.

Gutter Replacement - August/2023

DJ Gutters will replace all townhome gutters, due to damage from the May/2022 hailstorm.

 Garage Trim Wrap – September/2023

C & T Siding and Windows will wrap the final 30 garage jambs with steel siding.  This will eliminate the need to paint the jambs every few years.

New Address Plates – May/2024

A sample plate has been installed at 1401.

Revision Recommendation Committee – 2024

A volunteer committee of SP II homeowners has been formed to review the By-Laws and Covenants that were drawn up 25 years ago.  All recommended changes will be forwarded to the Board for review.